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Sill life with bouquet and dormouse

Sold out

This oil painting is an unique hand-painted artwork to be fixed on a wall ( supplied with hanger) or on a small easel within a collection of curios, rare and precious objects.

• TECHNIQUE : gesso coated wood board, monochrome egg tempera underpaintings and multiple layers of thin colored oil glazings ( flemish technique ). The sides are gilded with copper leaf (patinated aspect).

• DIMENSIONS : 3.93 x 4.33 in./ 10 x 11 cm

• SHIPPING and DELIVERY : registered parcel with signature on delivery. Robust packaging: your painting is wrapped in silk paper, bubble wrap and a inflexible cardboard sleeve.

This small format oil painting is an unique artwork, hand painted and signed.

Please feel free to ask any question I may not have answered in this description, or more photographs of the painting.

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