Stéphane Courtot Brandin a.k.a. "Brandin", miniaturist painter.

I am working, exhibiting and selling my artwork since 1997 in my studio gallery, "Galerie 12" in Castillon, an artists' village on the French Riviera near Menton.

I interpret with my own original vision the work of the Dutch masters of the 17th century mostly in the still life genre, in a miniature format.

My paintings take a long time to be completed because I use an oil glazing technique that requires many steps and drying intervals. Each painting is unique with its own story, I strive to create something new each time, while maintaining the continuity of my own style.


Born in 1967, Reims, France

• Literature and History studies:

Hypokhâgne and khâgne,

Contemporary History degree, Faculté de Lettres de Reims,

Preparatory year for the CAPES Documentation, I.U.F.M.

• Studies in Art and Design:

1984- 86: follows the classes of J-B. Tellier, painter and decorator (Reims),

1989- 95: practices engraving at the Ecole des Beaux- Arts de Reims, in the class of Daniel Pillant,

1991- 95: practices different artistic disciplines (drawing, painting, sculpture, art installations) at the university workshop of the Faculté de Lettres de Reims, under the direction of Christian Lapie,

1994- 95: live model drawing sessions at the Reims School of Fine Arts,

2001- 2003: work sessions with Gerald Dareau, portrait painter.

Group exhibitions:

2021 and 2020 : - Glass, Iron, Earth and Mysteries", Chapel of the Grey Penitents, Sospel (06)

2020 : Brandin miniaturist / Marie Hélène Roudier ceramist, Boutique Ephémère, esplanade des Sablettes, Menton (06)

           - Lemon Festival, craft market, Menton (06)

2019: Creators' Christmas Fair, Menton (06)

2018: annual exhibition, Lemon Festival, Palais de l'Europe, Menton (06)

2015- 2019 : Baroquiales Market, Sospel (06)

2015 : 8th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Levis, Quebec

2013- 2014 : gallery "Lysand Créations" in Eze-village (06)

2013 : Refectoire des Moines, Abbey of Brantôme (24)

2012 : Refectoire des Moines, Abbey of Brantôme (24)

2010 : ACF (Artisans Createurs Fabricants) Association, Palais de l' Europe, Menton (06)

2007 : "La Miniature dans tous ses états", Syndicat d' Initiative de Castillon (06)

1998- 2001 : "Les Arts dans la rue", Mougins (06)

1995- 1996 : Reims Tourist Office (51)

1993-95 : "Les Arts dans la rue", Mougins (06).

1992 : Supplay Agency, Epernay (51)

1991- 2012 : annual exhibition, Lemon Festival, Palais de l'Europe, Menton (06)

1991- 2008: permanent exhibition in the Workshop - Gallery "Les Arcades du Serre" in Castillon (06).

1991 : Gallery "Rêves d'Affiches", Reims (51)

1991- 2010: annual exhibition, Chapel Saint François- Xavier, Suzanne Tourte Room, Cormontreuil (51)

1985 : Celliers Besserat de Bellefon, Reims (51)

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